Taking Risks Since Day One: Meet the Young Artists Behind RISK Collective

Visual art is slowly becoming more appreciated in the Philippines. A writer notes, “Sometimes, people think they don’t like art or that it’s too highbrow to understand.” So, here, we feature RISK Collective to help you take a little risk into art appreciation. RISK Collective describes themselves as a group of artists based in Bataan united by the same passion in promoting visual art.

RISK Collective 1

Meet the artists of RISK Collective:

Harllie Barros

RISK Collective 18

Bio: Harllie is an artist with insomnia and burnt lungs. He doesn’t like to talk a lot about himself. Silence is a part of his creative process.

Style: Minimal, dark and full of drama.

RISK Collective 14

“Infinite Sadness”

RISK Collective 15


Ju Yoshida aka MJT

RISK Collective 17

Bio: She is Ju Yoshida in the studio and MJT for street/mural art (initials of her parents and her name). Like other artists, drawing was her hobby turned to passion, earlier inspired by Yeo Kaa to Tokwa Peñaflorida.

Style: Sometimes Ju draws people but is currently studying realistic and surreal. Inspired by BenCab for erotic art. She is still exploring.


“Novelty of a First Kiss”


Kam Orgasan


Bio: Kam describes himself as “a 22-year old guy who’s still in school.” He is a graphic artist and a student journalist or, specifically, a news writer. Tangled between both work and the electrical engineering life, he gets his artsy inspirations from music and things with imperfections like a bent spoon or a crooked teeth.

Style: “I mostly use pen and ink and water color. I’m all about the small details.”

RISK Collective 10

“Details of her”

RISK Collective 11

Mimi Venegas


Bio: Mimi Venegas is a nineteen year old living meme, a letterer-illustrator-graphics designer from Balanga City, Bataan. This coffee dependent human being paints when she’s not out with her friends doing crazy adventures or when she’s not locked up in her room watching random youtube videos and playing video games. Eccentric, driven, optimistic may be her dominating characteristics.

Style: She fills her canvas with dreamy works of either colorful or nightmare-ish visions.



Jeno Receno/ ROSE


Bio: Jeno Receno aka ROSE is a businessman who graduated at UST with degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising. He is a street and portrait photographer who started writing graffiti in 2010 but later decided to pursue graffiti piecing and street art.

Style: “My artworks are still heavily influenced with graffiti. Stuck to realism since day one till the day I felt boxed and restricted and now shifted to contemporary and pop art. My style is a mixture of graffiti, bpop art, abstract and a bit of surrealism.”



Clarisse Helles


Bio: “I still am in the process of finding my ‘artistic identity’ and my own disticnt style. -into modern art/a bit feminine -newbie in street art(aims to do moooore) -inspired by my co artists in rskc and other local artists.”

RISK Collective 12

“Maria Clara”

RISK Collective 13

“I have a name and it’s not HEYMISBYUTIPUL.”

Renzo Baluyot


Bio: Renzo grew up in Bataan like the rest of us but is now based in Chicago. “My life is basically a cycle. Magbasa, magdrawing, magsulat, kumanta.”

Style: His work is influenced by street art and surrealism. “Nagsimula ako magstreet art nung mainspire ako sa mga gawa ni Dex Fernandez at nagtuloy tuloy pa nung nakasama ko na si RIL (another RISK Collective member). Pero ngayon, nageexperiment ako sa style ng art, digital and expressionism siguro.”



Just last September 10, the group held their last art exhibit, paint session and potluck party in Abucay, Bataan following their exposure in Times at the Yard 2016, an art fair in Bataan.

For more artworks, visit RISK Collective and Ophelia and Co.

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