Rising Star Shan Yichun’s New Single “Oh lala” Is Definitely A Chart-Topper

Get ready to groove to the beats of the newest single from Shan Yichun, the rising star of China’s music scene. Her latest release, “Oh lala” is a must-add to your playlist. With a unique combination of R&B style and her distinctive voice, this song captures the essence of love in the most subtle yet fascinating way. As a member of the highly anticipated new music alliance D.N.A led by the global icon Lay Zhang, Shan Yichun’s solo release is definitely something to look out for.

單依純 Shan Yichun Publicity Photo 6

Photo by Cross Ratio Entertainment

Early this February, the music industry was abuzz with the news of a new music alliance, D.N.A, led by the global icon Lay Zhang. The alliance was set to release several singles with a common ” love ” theme. GALI, Shan Yichun, Wang Ziyi, Danko, Vinida Weng, and Victor Ma are the other members of this highly anticipated group. The wait is finally over as Shan Yichun announces the release of her new solo single “Oh lala” on 28 April. Produced by platinum record producer Bijan, the song perfectly blends R&B style with Shan Yichun’s unique voice to express the atmosphere of romance and ambiguity to the fullest. This also marks her first English music release.

“Oh lala” takes the listeners on a journey of emotional intimacy between two people and the elusive feelings of love. The song narrates in the form of self-disclosure, expressing the protagonist’s uncertainty and speculation about their relationship and the future. The lyrics beautifully convey the self-contradictory emotions of the protagonists, who ultimately decide to let go of their concerns and restraints, relying solely on intuition to feel love.

As a representative figure of China’s new generation of female singers, Shan Yichun has always been known to the public for her diversified music style and unique voice. “Oh lala” showcases Shan Yichun’s lazy and sexy vocal characteristics while her pure English pronunciation and delicate handling of the song’s emotions perfectly balance the rhythm and atmosphere of the track.

The song “Oh lala” is included in the group’s first original self-titled album, D.N.A. With their diversified music style, top-notch production level, and surprising artist collaborations, D.N.A has much more in store for fans to anticipate in the coming year.

Shan Yichun’s latest release, “Oh lala,” is a perfect blend of music and emotions that will take you on a journey of love and self-discovery. With her unique voice and R&B style, this rising star is definitely someone to look out for. Stay tuned for more surprises from D.N.A in the coming year.