Rising Local Artist Lil Happier Debuts Chilled-Out Hip-Hop Album to Give Hope Amid the Chaos

“Every day I tell myself that it’s gonna be alright,” sings rising Filipino artist lil happier in a gripping and honest music journal written for all those growing hopeless amid the chaos of changes.

Initially created as a personal quarantine project, his self-titled album feels like a late-night conversation filled with quarter-life realizations, starry-eyed aspirations for a better future, and words of comfort peppered over nine uplifting, laidback tracks.

It’s in this way that his music, running a little over 30 minutes, becomes more than just an avenue for self-expression; in his words, it “weaves together a meticulous exploration of experimental abstract hip-hop and soothing introspective fusion of being: A lil happier.”

One would feel this most perhaps on where the album culminates: the track “let me touch the sky”, in which he openly pleads to anyone listening and jamming along that, whenever we find ourselves worn down by the rat race, we can always choose to take a moment to breathe: “Y’all never know what you wanna know / Where you’re gonna go / So take it slow.”

“Beyond all the motivational quotes, songs, and mantras, sometimes all we need is someone there to listen,” lil happier shared with When In Manila. “If you’ve been feeling down, if you need a lil pick-me-up, hop in the DMs, I’ll be your friendly quarantine support system.”

“Quarantine made it harder for everyone to communicate and this is how I wanted to reach out. So if you heard me, I’m an open hotline,” he added. “Maybe I can help in making everyone… a lil happier.”

Find him on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

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