Rib-view: 6 Things in Brad and Pit’s Ribshack for a Wonderful Rib Experience

Written by: Tiffany Tolones (IG:@camille_abitofmonica)
Photos by: Chelsea Cue


At one glance, you may think Brad and Pit’s Ribshack was an ordinary residential house in Kapitolyo, Pasig. But the moment you enter their doors you will find yourself lost in the smell of barbecued ribs in their rustic, tropical-vibed restaurant. Everything from the ambiance, to the music, down to the food itself transports me to the Caribbean.

This restaurant name may remind you the name of the Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, or even his parody counter part comedian here in the Philippines Brod Pete. As quirky as it seems, though, the owners of this Cuban-inspired restaurant are really named Brad and Pit. Now customers can easily recall their names by association.

But more than the witty restaurant name, here are 6 things in Brad and Pit’s Ribshack that will totally give you a wonderful rib experience:


The conceptual Cuban dining experience

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack maintain this concept for their restaurant–Cuban, Caribbean, and beach-inspired. From the displays of vinyl, old bottles, typewriters, cameras, the tree at the center of the restaurant, down to the roster of food and beverages they serve, Ribshack gave attention to every detail to let diners have a Cuban experience without having to leave the country.

Inspired by the movie, “Chef,” Brad and Pit made their own version of the Cubano Sandwich, a grilled pork and sweet ham in a baguette. They also have their own take of tacosthe Taco Sticks. It has the same ingredients as a taco but wrapped on a stick instead.

While maintaining the Cuban-inspiration, Ribshack serves food that are foreign yet familiar to the Filipino taste.

Brad and Pit’s can accommodate more

From their 40-seater restaurant branch in Marikina, they now have a 120-seater restaurant that can cater to larger groups of people. They also have a function room. A bar stands at the back of their restaurant, too, where laid back nights for drinking can happen.


They’re one of the few restaurants who offer several variants on ribs

As most restaurants’ grilled rib dishes are usually flavored barbecue, Brad and Pit’s took a different take on this. In the span of three years in the business they have developed five variants of ribs: the classic Original Barbecue, the Spicy Barbie, the Dry Rub Ribs (served without the glaze), the Havana Rib (sweet coffee glaze), and their newest, the Tropical Ribs which gives off a sweet pineapple taste that balances the concentrated flavors in the meat.


The tasty cocktails

If you enjoyed the ribs and want to pair it with a cool beverage, try their newest cocktails on the menuthe Pina Colada and Rhum Runner. My personal favorite is the Rhum Runner which is a bit fruity.

Other must-tries are the Chocolate Banana, mojito, margarita, and wine. Of course milk shakes, coffee, and tea are also present in the drinks section.

It’s all budget-friendly!

Brad and Pit’s rib package starts at only P159 for a solo meal, with sides and plain rice. This restaurant is aimed to give a wonderful rib experience to customers on a budget, so they devised ways to make their dishes affordable.

Insider tip: They offer several packages for groups so barkadas, officemates, and families can always have rib parties here! Check out their newest promo here.


But their hot lava cake is the winner

After the meat and cocktail session, what would be the best way to seal your dining experience in Brad and Pit’s? With their delectable hot lava cake, of course. They really serve it to you hot and fresh from the oven, topped with vanilla ice cream. A bite of hot and cold flavors just melting together in your mouth. Yum.

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack changed the rib gaming into a wonderful rib experience. With the good service, comfortable and spacious restaurant, and delicious food, this resto is surely a must-try.

Brad and Pit’s Ribshack

35 E Capitol Dr, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday 11 am to 12 midnight
Contact: 738-8198


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