Rhythm-in-Blue 2019: Silver Lining

The Company of Ateneo Dancers (CADs) is the premier dance and production management organization of the Ateneo de Manila University. CADs comes of age as it celebrates 25 years of dance production excellence. The organization’s performing pool consists of the contemporary and street division. CADs is also home to a production staff that is well versed in the fields of house management, creatives, and technical direction. CADs provides companies the opportunity to expose its products and services to a varied market of individuals within and beyond the Ateneo community.

WhenInManila.com CADs Poster

This year, CADs will be holding its annual flagship project, Rhythm-in-Blue (RiB). RiB is an Inter-Organization Dance Competition that celebrates the art of dance while encouraging creative and artistic expression. The Company of Ateneo Dancers continues to uphold the long tradition of dance production excellence as it opens its doors to the Ateneo Community.

On its 18th year, RiB will be hosting 11 organizations of the Ateneo namely, Ateneo CODE, Kythe-Ateneo, Project LAAN, ACTM, Ateneo MeCO, Ateneo LEX, Ateneo BOx, ARSA, ACOMM, AMS, and Ateneo Psyche. Show your support for these competing organizations on November 8, 2019 as they battle it out for a spot in the finals on November 29, 2019 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater.

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