Rex Intal’s “Will You Be My Girlfriend?” proposal will make you go “Aww!”

Athlete Rex Intal is known to be one of the key middle spikers representing the Ateneo in the Men’s Volleyball Division during the UAAP. But I’d have to admit that he set the notch higher for #RelationshipGoals.

In a recent post he made on Facebook, he narrated through a photo album “How I Got The Yes <3” with provided screencapped text exchanges and captions how he popped the question to his now girlfriend Ciacia Mendoza.

According to the post, he initially told her that they had an “event to attend” and admitted that he gave her the cold shoulder as he was busy “cramming the magazine”. His Facebook profile reveals that Rex is an BFA Information Design student.

HowIGotTheYes 1HowIGotTheYes 2HowIGotTheYes 3

So the day started with me being unusually cold with my texts because I was busy cramming the magazine HAHA my problem lang was regarding the printing dilemma of the magazine since i saved it as spreads and not as pages. (basta design student ako okay wag niyo na igets)

We were supposed to go to an event (i faked an event and she was my plus one supposedly) and she told me she was gonna wear a button down polo. NAHHH. I then faked a conversation with someone from the “event” informing her to wear a dress HAHAHA

After the screencapped messages, photos of them on a gondola taken by a certain “Esther” were displayed. He also reveals he gave her his ultimate gift, a 70 page magazine about the two of them including him and the girl on the cover. Rex admits that he was very much “inspired” and didn’t consider the process a “hassle”. Rex also provided some photos of the magazine’s content in his post.

HowIGotTheYes 5HowIGotTheYes 4

Rex “interviewed some of her close friends and relatives (and mine too)” for this part of the magazine.
HowIGotTheYes 7HowIGotTheYes 8HowIGotTheYes 9

“This specific day was planned MONTHS ago and it went perfectly. 

She thinks she’s the luckiest person in the world…

but I think im luckier because she said yes.”

Rex got the most awaited approval. Hooray! Congratulations to the love birds!

HowIGotTheYes 10HowIGotTheYes 11

You may view the entire photo album here.

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