A Review of the Paramore Concert (from Someone Who Has Loved Them Since Grade School)

Paramore has been a huge part of my childhood. I have been listening to their music since I was in grade school when their song “Misery Business”and their album, “Riot!” were popular.

As a fan for more than 10 years, I’ve seen and noticed changes and transformations of the band — from their rock style to their 80s pop and current indie sound to members leaving and coming back to Hayley’s hair colors and hairstyle changes from orange to platinum blonde, etc.

When I found out that Paramore was coming back to the Philippines for their “Tour Four Manila”, I was shocked yet excited to finally see my favorite band perform.

My friends and I were excited when we entered the Mall of Asia Arena to dance the night away. When the lights went out, you could hear people shouting in the arena before Reese Lansangan warmed up the show. Afterwards, the lights went out again and voila! Paramore was there on stage. Seeing them after waiting for five years was really worth the wait. Their first song, “Grudges” was one of my go-to tracks in their After Laughter album, so that hyped me up even more.


Hearing my fave Paramore songs from high school such as, Still Into You, That’s What You Get, Playing God and Ignorance made me remember the memories and people that I used to dedicate and associate the songs with. The nostalgia made my heart sad but happy at the same time.

My feels were at the utmost high then they played the song “Forgiveness”. My hugot for that song is because I dedicate it to someone that I want to forgive but I know I still can’t. There was a pinch in my heart while hearing that song. Another song that comes with hugot for me is crushcrushcrushbecause it reminds me of my puppy love, the friendship with whom was strengthened by our love for Paramore.


Hayley Williams was so overwhelmed by the love from the Filipino fans that she was close to crying.


For me, the highlights of the concert happened during “Fake Happy”.

Credits to Donnel Magtalas of Paramore Philippines Facebook group for the video

The arena was filled with lights when they performed Misguided Ghosts and 26. This added more drama to the songs and made everything more magical.

v special night with you Manila ?? thank you

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Before the band performed Misery Business, Hayley asked everyone to raise their hands with our imaginary glasses to toast to the misery. I totally envy the fan RJ Gado who got to share the stage with Paramore and do a duet with Hayley during Misery Business.

I was literally in tears when they performed my all-time favorite Paramore song “Ain’t It Fun”. The last song of Paramore at Tour Four Manila was Hard Times, my go-to song when I need a bout of energy. It is also very relatable for me.


I hope that Paramore will come back to the Philippines soon. If you still have PCD or Post-Concert Depression, here’s a playlist of the songs that Paramore performed during Tour Four Manila:

Special thanks to MMI Live for making this event possible and for making our Paramore hearts happy.


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