Reverse Starters Program 2022: Creating careers in the metaverse

With the rise of the digital revolution, Reverse Marketing Corporation has launched the Reverse Starters Program to encourage people of all ages to participate in a virtual apprenticeship program that will begin on February 22, 2022, in order to mold, equip, and challenge those who are looking to establish a career in the new digital world. The program begins on February 22, 2022, and is open to people of all ages.

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Applicants who wished to participate in the most anticipated apprenticeship program only needed to prepare the following materials: a resume or CV, a portfolio, and a cover letter. Following that, the requested files were submitted to, where they were reviewed by the Reverse Marketing Team.


The Reverse Starters Program brings people of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds together across the country to work as a team in real-world employment roles to develop collaborative tactics for real-time customers. With over 100 candidates, 35 were selected for further consideration after a live interview and portfolio screening. The participants will receive coaching from industry leaders in advertising and marketing institutes that will assist them on their path.


Applicants will also receive lifetime access to Skillshare as well as a 30 percent lifetime discount on all Reverse Marketing Academy courses, in addition to the unrivaled educational experience they will receive through the program.


However, only 1 group and 5 individuals will be given the opportunity to gain a permanent position in the Reverse Marketing Corporation and to hold a professional job position alongside the Reverse Marketing team.


In general, the Reverse Starters Program places a high value on putting college students through real-world circumstances that they may experience in the workplace. Indeed, by immersing themselves in real-world business circumstances, students will be able to determine whether or not they have what it takes to be successful in the real world.


The application for the Reverse Starters Program was open until January 31, 2022. The program timeline is as follows:

  • January 31: Cut off of applications.
  • Feb 10-  Feb 28: Reverse Starters Program Webinar Series
  • Feb 21: Onboarding of Successful Applicants
  • Feb 22 – March 30: Program
  • March 31: Distribution of certificates and MORE!

The following are the names of Reverse Starters Program applicants who were accepted into the program:

  • Casey Zerna
  • Ma. Odessa Malbas
  • Mau Forte
  • Christine Galagar
  • Mariel Roxas
  • Skyah San Juan
  • Ruviane Bayot
  • Shainah Maybelle Siatan
  • Grachael Clerigo. 
  • Alaizza Khristine Castillo
  • Andrea Nadine A. Panganiban
  • Angela Kim DG. Perez
  • Daisy Marie Mailom
  • Janelle E. Musngi
  • Rafaela Suarez
  • Reymar L. Espejon
  • Andrea Bagtas
  • Jonekah Catadman
  • Jazmin Panumpang
  • Azae Rillera
  • Wesley Orson T. Sorronda
  • Ian Christian R. Montianto
  • Banjo T. Sarmiento
  • Allysa-Nicole N. Oabel
  • John Roy T. Soria
  • Aira Shane C. Francisco
  • Angelli Perez 
  • Nicole Caguillo
  • Shehzad Rehman
  • Lailah Mae Cale 
  • Claire Angelica Garceniego
  • Rose Ann Domino
  • Vanessa Santos

For more information on the Reverse Starters Program, please contact or visit the Official Facebook Page at