Revealed: The Cheapest Month to Visit the Philippines

Finding the cheapest month to visit the Philippines can be essential when planning a shoestring trip to the archipelago nation. Everyone loves a bargain, and while the Philippines is already an excellent destination for a budget traveler, there are always ways to make a trip there even cheaper.

In this article, we’re going to reveal the best time to visit the Philippines so you can take advantage of the most attractive deals and lowest prices. It also provides helpful guidance on how you’ll be able to stretch your budget as far as possible while visiting the nation.

What is the Cheapest Month to Visit the Philippines?

The cheapest month to visit the Philippines is in September. It falls well outside the peak season of November to January and offers travelers some of the best opportunities to get the cheapest flights and best budget accommodation.

September also features the fewest number of national celebrations during the year. This means its also much easier to get around and avoid more expensive train and bus tickets or hotel and hostel beds.

Better still, while it falls during the rainy season, it is not the wettest month of the year (August holds that honor). Visitors will still be able to enjoy sunny days and pleasant weather during September if they travel during the month.

When is the Cheapest Time of Year to Visit the Philippines?

The Philippines is an ideal destination for a budget traveler year-round. However, there are seasonal variations that can help travelers save even more money.

To save on accommodation or flights, it’s best to visit the country during the rainy season between May and October. That’s part of the reason why September is such a great month for thrifty travelers.

While the rainy season is wetter than the peak season of November to January, the weather is still good enough to make the most of what the Philippines has to offer.

However, be aware that some islands and areas of the country might be closed or inaccessible during the low season, so be sure to check whether the attractions you want to visit will be open before arriving.

How to Stick to a Budget While in The Philippines

The Philippines is already a very budget-friendly country to visit if you’re a traveler on a shoestring. Yet, there are plenty of ways to make your trip archipelago nation even more cost-effective.

To guarantee that you enjoy the most affordable prices possible whilst visiting the country, follow the tips below. They will help you keep everything cheap and cheerful, no matter how long you spend in the Philippines.

Try the Street Food and Eat Where the Locals Eat

To save the most money possible, you should avoid fancy and mid-range restaurants and take advantage of one of the local eateries on the street. The food is not only delicious; it often costs less than a dollar.

Always keep a good lookout for eating places that are popular with locals. They will generally be more wallet-friendly and sell food that tastes great. Also, because of their high turnover of customers, you can be sure that the dishes will be fresher and more sanitary.

Get a Bargain in AirAsia Sales

AirAsia should be your first choice of airline if you are looking for cheap tickets anywhere across east Asia. However, prices often fall even lower during one of the frequent AirAsia sales.

These sales make getting from A to B fast much more cost-effective, which is perfect as planes are one of the premier methods of travel in the Philippines. There are more than 1,000 islands in the country and air travel is easily the speediest way to see as many of them as possible.

Cut Travel Costs with Ferry Travel

Aside from air travel, most Filipinos get around the many islands found across the archipelago by boat. Ferries, on the whole, offer a much more cost-effective way to get around, especially if you don’t mind traveling at a slower pace.

Try Your Hand at Hitchhiking

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to save on bus tickets and jeepney fares, there’s nothing better than a little hitchhiking. The Philippines is considered a relatively safe country for hitchhikers and it offers a great way to meet and befriend locals on your trip.

Camp or Couchsurf

Hostels are often thought of as the cheapest way to get a good night’s sleep while traveling. Yet, there are even more cost-effective options available.

Visitors can often camp for free on beaches and at other sites across the country. Also, the Philippines has embraced Couchsurfing over the past few years, meaning that travelers can easily find a place to crash for very little money and also get acquainted with locals.

Visiting the Philippines offers a bit of everything. The country is a natural wonderland with great food, friendly locals, and amazing activities to enjoy. The best thing about it all is that everything can be enjoyed for a price that won’t break the bank.