REVEALED: Dragons of Wonderhatch Character Posters

With less than a month to go until the December 20 two-episode premiere of Dragons of Wonderhatch, Disney+ today gave fans an exciting new look at the upcoming series with the release of a new trailer and 15 character posters. 

A breathtaking new story spanning both live-action and anime mediums, Dragons of Wonderhatch follows Nagi, a girl in the “real world” of Yokosuka who has spent her life feeling like she doesn’t belong. Dreaming of one day being able to fly, Nagi’s life is turned upside down when a dragon rider called Thaim and his dragon Guphin suddenly burst out of her bookcase. Tasked with saving his home world of Upananta from collapse, Thaim and Nagi begin to work together to find a solution, uncovering a shocking secret that connects their two homes along the way.

D EN Dragons of Wonderhatch Payoff Poster 4x5 1

Starring Sena Nakajima (We Are Little Zombies) as “real world” high school student Nagi; Daiken Okudaira (Nemesis, Mother) as Thaim – a dragon rider from Upananta; and Mackenyu (One Piece) as dragon rider hero Aktha, Dragons of Wonderhatch also stars Go Morita (Prior Convictions, Himeanole) as former dragon rider hero Supes and current convenience store worker Shibata; Rena Tanaka (The Midday Devil, Omotenashi) as Hana, Nagi’s mother who disappeared when Nagi was a child. Masaki Miura (The Outsider, The Outrage) as Taichi, Nagi’s father; Riko Narumi (Georama Boy Panorama Girl, Assistant Inspector Daimajin) as Kanna Nijisaki, a public defender; and SUMIRE as Saila, an outcast researcher treated like a heretic by the people of Upananta.

Dragons of Wonderhatch is directed by Kentaro Hagiwara, animation director Takashi Otsuka, is produced by Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045) and features breathtaking work from character designer and concept artist Posuka Demizu (The Promised Neverland).

Watch the new trailer today and stream the first two episodes of Dragons of Wonderhatch from December 20, exclusively on Disney+.