RETRO GAMING EXPO: Replug, Reload, Retro

Old school is back and Retro is in! The first gaming convention on retro games is just around the corner!

Put some fresh batteries into your GBA, plug your monitors, and blow the dust off your cartridges, as we relive good old gaming days at Retro Gaming Expo on February 22-23 at Fisher Mall Expo Hall!

Enjoy cool booths, contests, cosplay, exhibition matches and exciting giveaways in this pixel-studded retro twist!

What to expect:

  • Retro Tiangge where merchants’ will showcase and sell rare retro-themed items, consoles, and games at affordable prices
  • Retro Cosplay Competition
  • Game Tournaments (Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix and Tekken Tag)
  • Free Play Areas (Console Games)
  • Tabletop Events (Free play, Mega Games, Game of the Generals Tournament)
  • Retro Quiz Show
  • Artists’ Alley

Admission is at PHP150 for the Day Pass and PHP270 for the 2-Day Pass. Tickets are available at Save the date and be a part of this milestone! #RetroGamingExpo #RGX2019 #RetroIsBack




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