In the Philippines, one way to say “I love you” is when someone invites you to eat: “kain na,” and it’s beautiful. You can hear moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, significant others, families and friends all inviting you to eat with them. It is how Filipinos show their love, by making sure you are healthy, well-fed and happy. You know you’re in a Filipino household when you’re always being invited to eat.

Restaurant Week Philippines is a week-long celebration of the world-renowned culinary culture of the Philippines. It offers a chance for food-lovers all around the country to taste the best of the Philippines’ phenomenal culinary scene in dazzling new ways and at a lower cost. For a whole week, more than 100 restaurants all across the Philippines will be offering an exclusive menu with three-course meals at fixed prices, and never- before-served dishes only offered during Restaurant Week. This event will allow restaurants to market themselves and promote their dishes to a new audience of food enthusiasts who may have never tried their dishes before. At the same time, with the never-before-served dishes, past patrons will have another reason to come back to their favorite establishments and try something new.

Along with the yummy dishes, comes the affordable prices for Restaurant Week Philippines. Participating establishments will have their full course meals at the P299, P499 and P999 price ranges to ensure that it fits everyone’s budgets and taste buds. There will be a few “luxury” restaurants that may have higher price points, going up to P1,999, but this will be on a case-by-case basis and upon approval of the Restaurant Week board.

Restaurant Week Philippines was founded by the team behind, the biggest online magazine / blog in the Philippines that gets 10 million impressions per day. WhenInManila’s CEO, Vince Golangco, says that he often went to Restaurant Week events in California and New York. He loved how, as a young and broke college student then, he was able to taste so many different dishes that he usually would not be able to afford. “There was even a year where me and my friends ate out for every meal of the day for the entire week, because we wanted to try as many restaurants and dishes as we could” Vince exclaimed.

This year’s Restaurant Week Philippines will be held on July 17-26, 2020. It was extended due to the requests of excited patrons, to give them a chance to try out more restaurants. You can see a full list of participating restaurants and their full course menus, along with their exclusive Restaurant Week dishes, on To share your experiences, please tag @RestaurantWeekPH and use the hashtag #RestaurantWeekPH as well. We hope you have a wonderful week of food.

Kain na.

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