This Restaurant Has a Harry Potter-Themed Menu and We are All for It!

If you are a real Potterhead, you have probably been hoping to find a restaurant or a menu based on the Harry Potter books and movies. Luckily, Yes Please’s Binge Night series has different themes every month and this month, you can get onto Platform 9 3/4 to transport yourself into a different kind of nightlife in BGC.

If you skipped your flying classes with Madam Hooch to join this celebration, you can enjoy the free streaming of Harry Potter movies while having some grub and drinks at Yes Please.

Let’s start with the food! Yes Please has some tasty treats straight from the Great Hall, like the Hogwarts Steak & Bean Kidney Pie. Make sure to eat it while it’s hot, so you can enjoy its full flavor! It has pumpkin puree, braised beef shank, and red kidney beans in a shortcrust pastry.

Character favorites are also available like Hagrid’s Stoat Sandwich. It’s perfect for a big appetite and is full of roast beef, green cheese melt, beef jus, and sourdough – just the way Hagrid likes it!

Granger Danger! Indulge in Hermoine’s Bouillabaisse Dip! It is packed with salmon, clams, mussels, shrimps, tomatoes, saffron, and pernod served with a side of toast.

End your meal with some chocolate frogs made of felchin milk chocolate and with mint liquor jelly and chocolate soil.

Once you’re done with the amazing grub, you can taste some of the Wizarding World’s favorite drinks!

Start off with some famous Butterbeer! It is made with soda water and Ketel one with vanilla, butterscotch, and cervesa negra. You might want to take it easy on it, though, because it’s a little stronger than your usual flavored beer.

Severus Snape also made a concoction fresh from the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Named after himself, the drink has lime, Dr. Pepper, monkey shoulder, and amaretto dissarono in it.

Since February is also the month of love, Amortentia is also available. Inspired by the love potion, Amortentia drink made out of berry mix, prosecco, Archer’s peach schnapps, lemon, and sugar syrup.

Last but definitely not least is the Polyjuice Potion. Known to transform the people who drink it, this Yes Please cocktail is made with lime sherbet, Hendricks with peppercorn, cucumber and green apple syrup. Don’t’ worry! You won’t transform into someone else.

The Harry Potter Menu of Yes Please will be available for the whole month of February!

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy magical nights in BGC! Bring your muggle friends, too!

Yes Please

11th Ave corner 38th St, Uptown Bonifacio, The Fort, Taguig

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