Republokal: A Lifestyle and Food Fair for Local Brands and Entrepreneurs

There is a new home in the neighborhood that will bring you back memories of the good old decades! No, it is not a place just for a usual throwback. It is a lair where you can travel in retrospect to those days when things are more authentic, original, and local.

On June 18 and 19, in the busy streets of Meralco Avenue, witness the rise of this new home for local brands and entrepreneurs. After long months of planning and construction, REPUBLOKAL humbly opens its doors to and especially for you.

Republokal: A Lifestyle and Food Fair for Local Brands and Entrepreneurs

Expect the feel of walking again through those years when everyone was trying to create something original. Except that REPUBLOKAL presents to you even more! They bring vintage innovations birthed by the gift of modern times and exceptional Filipino minds. A few to mention are Anma Lifestyle, Tweed and Twine, Moody Kalai, Live the Linen Dream, Native Gourmet, Nipa Brew, and Sprout.

As REPUBLOKAL allows the community to look backwards, it mainly aims to thrust extraordinary local brands, entrepreneurs, and artists to take a big leap forward. To better strengthen this advocacy, REPUBLOKAL also welcomed the idea of workshops, sundown poetry reading, and MusikoLab acoustic night sessions of GOTD—a collaboration with the great Ms. Aia De Leon and promising musicians KA & Z, and OTM.

Prepare for the biggest house-warming event that will happen in June! REPUBLOKAL offers you a home where you can find things that will surely hit a ventricle in your hearts and a space in your memories. Appreciate Lokal. Create Lokal. Devour on Lokal. Listen to authentic and original Lokal. Be one with Lokals and experience that one thrilling moment when the past and the present can happen to you all at once!

See you there, neighbor!