Reports Say the iPhone 7 May Be Waterproof!

The water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S7 made waves when it came out as it allows the phone to be submerged in 5 feet of water for up to half an hour, but without the ability to take photos underwater.

Now, it looks like the iPhone 7 might be looking to top that by taking things to a new level. According to online reports, Apple has recently been awarded a patent for a system that allows underwater photography. Does this mean that the phone will be waterproof? Just imagine: no more need for a GoPro or a waterproof case when you travel. Just you, your phone and the beauty of the sea (and of course something to ensure that your phone doesn’t float away).

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This is all just speculation, though, and nothing has been confirmed by Apple itself. However, the thought that this could happen is quite exciting – at least for Apple users like myself. Would a waterproof

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