Repatriated OFW Received Monetary Help from PAL Attendants and Passengers

Our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are also tagged as one of the “modern day heroes.” They leave their families, work abroad, and eventually become financially stable. However, not all OFW stories have happy endings.

Such is this trending story originally shared on Facebook by Jrm Jayjay. 

PAL attendants give money to ofw

The story was about an OFW who was sent home without savings after being allegedly mistreated by her employer. Upon learning about her unfortunate experience, the PAL Cabin crew went the extra mile and gave monetary support. Furthermore, they also announced it on the flight that whoever has the generous heart could also come forward and donate whatever amount to the depressed OFW.

PAL attendants give money to ofw

You will see on the video how helpful everyone was. Sadly, though, the name of the OFW was not mentioned.

Watch how these “angels in the sky” helped the OFW.

Hopefully, the OFW will be given a fresh start here in the Philippines. Mabuhay, Philippine Airlines! 

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