Renū at The Refined: Elevate Self-Care Through Transformative Ice Baths and Breathwork

Get well-deserved self-care with Renū, a community of wellness professionals and enthusiasts, through transformative wellness practices, such as guided ice baths, breathwork exercises, and flow movements.

As its name says, Renū means to renew or begin again. It also represents coming to terms with your true self and recognizing the inner strength and capabilities you possess to overcome challenges.

The community celebrates its first anniversary of rejuvenating ice baths and flow experiences on June 30 at The Refined! Everyone is invited to join a memorable and revolutionizing wellness journey.

Renū at The Refined

There will be a cold therapy workshop, ice bath experiences, breathwork exercises, flow movements, neuroscience basics on stress management, and an afternoon of recovery and music. Attendees can also socialize with their fellow wellness enthusiasts in a safe and fun environment.

The tickets are priced at P1,800, but early bird tickets are available for P1,500 until June 22. Reservation can be made through 09177733463.

Renū at The Refined

Renū started way back during the COVID-19 pandemic by exploring different breathwork practices, which elevated to ice baths.

“We ended up joining other like-minded individuals who were enthusiastic about the practice, and we really saw the benefit and also how it acted as support practice for each other when we needed to decompress ourselves from the challenges and difficulties we faced in our daily lives, remembering that even if we go through these challenges and difficulties on our own, we are not alone, and we have one another to support us during the hardships we may face,” the community shared.

Renū at The Refined:

Photo: Renū

After all, ice baths have a lot of benefits to overall well-being! According to Renū, it can help reduce inflammation and improve immune function.

“It can also help in improving sleep, which has been shown to have physical and mental benefits. Though there are many ways to practice resiliency, there is something about coming back to the elemental experiences that makes practices like cold immersion, sauna, breathing, and grounding – to name a few – efficient, potent, and long-term,” Renū added.

Discover a transformative wellness journey unlike any other at Renū at The Refined!