Renovate@28 by The UP Aggregates Inc.


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The UP Aggregates, Inc., the premier organization of the Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman, is in celebration of the Aggregates Month this July 2013. Branded as Renovate@28, the Organization will showcase its events following its goals to refresh, revitalize and revamp all its offerings as service to the people. Aggre takes a giant leap as it will proudly open bigger and more exciting editions of the activities of the Organization. Now that the expansion is at hand, participants from various Schools, Colleges and Universities are invited to join especially in interschool events, among which are the Annual Civil Engineering Talk, Photofest and the first Intercollegiate AggregatES Quiz. UP Aggregates, Inc. will continue pushing beyond borders as it will begin new chapters in the succeeding years of its existence. For more information about the Aggre Month, you may visit .


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The prime event during the Aggre Month is the Annual Civil Engineering Talk (CE Talk) which aims to develop engineering knowledge and skills of students coming from different colleges and universities in NCR and Greater Manila Area. Timely concepts and professionally developed topics relating Civil Engineering are delivered by experts who are noted for their works and services in the field. During the previous year, more than 1600 student delegates attended CE Talk UPGRADE: Redefining Designs and Strengthening Foundation through Civil Engineering Innovations. With the discussion of the existence of recent innovations in terms of technologies and evolution of ideas, students were able to achieve the necessary engineering realizations to be equipped in future endeavors. On the 20th of July 2013, a new wave of participants will experience an exploration into the world of earthquakes as CE Talk 2013 will unravel the mysteries that will unfold as the theme goes deeper to the earth. To get the latest about CE Talk, go .


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To establish artistry among young minds, the Organization developed Photofest 2013, a competition designed for amateur photographers aiming to promote the role of civil engineering in the society and the environment. The preceding year proved a successful edition as the entries for Transit: Philippine Road Trip were able to exhibit the existing state of Philippine transportation. Ascend: Know No Limits is the core of Photofest this year, and this competition is set to reach new heights. Loaded with fresh perspectives from the youths, the boom in the construction of Philippine high rise buildings will be unfolded and appreciated in a new light. Access the complete details about Photofest in its Facebook fan page by going to .

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Along with the prestige that it holds, the Organization lays down the much-awaited foundation of the very first Intercollegiate AggregatES Quiz. The participants will engage in a brain battle where they have to go through tough questions on fundamental engineering sciences. This will involve challenges that will embody engineering competencies bounded by principles of perseverance, hard work, teamwork and sportsmanship, where all these must equip a successful future engineer. On its first year, engineering students are invited and be the pride of their schools as they fight for the crown towards 


Renovate@28 by The UP Aggregates Inc.

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