Renaissance: Philippine Wrestling Revolution Inaugural Event

Renaissance: Philippine Wrestling Revolution Inaugural EventRenaissanceOfficialPosterWIM


Philippine Wrestling Revolution brings Pinoy pro-wrestling out of the dark ages with Renaissance.

The country’s only professional wrestling promotion Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) will be holding its first live event at the Makati Cinema Square sports venue on the 27th of September, 2014.

The long, arduous journey for those part of PWR will finally culminate in their inaugural event titled Renaissance. What started out as a dream has finally become a reality.

Founded by a group of individuals online with a similar goal, to bring professional wrestling back into prominence here in the Philippines, this dream has now turned to reality with the staging of this event.

Professional wrestling is no stranger to our soils.

One only needs to go back a few decades when wrestlers like Joe Pogi and The Smokey Mountain Brothers were household names and were blazing the trail for Pinoy wrestling. PWR is looking to carry on that fine tradition and capitalize on Filipinos’ love for the sport.

PWR is looking to give ardent and feverish wrestling fans a homegrown wrestling federation where they can cheer for Filipino wrestling talents, and not just rely on having international outlets like the WWE and TNA. Having received training from international and local talent, the PWR wrestlers are looking to translate that hard work in the squared circle. With a series of shows planned out in the coming months and partnerships being forged with wrestling federations in Asia (Singapore Pro Wrestling and Hong Kong Wrestling Federation to name a few), the future is looking bright for PWR and Philippine pro-wrestling.

It all starts on the 27th of September, 2014, at Makati Cinema Square.

Gates open at 6pm and the show kicks off at 7pm. Be a part of wrestling history! Be a part of the revolution! The Philippine Wrestling Revolution!

For inquiries, contact Rocky at 09178121423.

Renaissance: Philippine Wrestling Revolution Inaugural Event