Remember the ‘Watercooled’ PC We Posted? Here Are More Photos and Info

Watercooled PC (1)

Remember the photo of a personal computer (PC) that uses a makeshift case from water gallons, which we jokingly captioned as bringing “watercooling” to a whole new level? Well, they sent us more photos and provided us with more information in case you were wondering if this really works or not.

According to Allen Robles, the one who sent us the photos, he and his brother owns this computer shop with makeshift PC cases. He told WhenInManila.com that they started using water gallons as PC cases in 2012 then recently they added more units. They decided to use water gallons to minimize expenses since these containers are “cost-efficient” for them

At first, these makeshift cases were just an experiment and they worked well.

He also told us that the units are working perfectly fine and that they don’t heat up even if they don’t have an air-conditioner. They have not encountered any problem or accident ever since they used water gallons. Based from their use, they found the water gallons to be durable.

He explained that the computer parts are not directly attached on the water gallon. There’s a wood in between and the components get proper ventilation.

Watercooled PC (6) Watercooled PC (4) Watercooled PC (5) Watercooled PC (3) Watercooled PC (2)

The computer shop is called “Mimiloves computer shop a.k.a Kanto computer shop.” It is located in Burgos, Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal.

Robles added, “Not only is our CPU (case) unique in our Kanto shop, we treat our gamers as family. They have been with us since then and this is more important than the gallon (case) CPU that we have.”

What can you say about their resourcefulness? Do you believe their set-up really works? Do you see any possible problem that might occur?