Remember The Kids Who Crashed Their Dad’s Interview? They Now Have A Cartoon Show

Next to adorable puppies and kittens, viral videos of children doing the darnedest things can really strike internet gold.

robert kelly bbc interview kids

Remember Marion and James Kelly, the two cute-as-a-button siblings who crashed their dad’s Skype interview? They’ve apparently gotten so famous that there’s a new animated series inspired by them!

The new cartoon show is called “The Adventures of Mina and Jack”, produced by Hans House productions. The children’s names have been changed, but many elements of the show have been drawn from real life, such as the dad’s likeness, as well as their mom’s propensity to panic and drag her kids out of their little mischiefs.

“The Adventures of Mina and Jack” focus on the two siblings, who are always up to something, whether it’s “helping their dad out”, or solving crimes!

And it looks like the Kelly family has given their seal of approval, with Robert Kelly saying that his animated version looked “suitably dorky”.

It seems like a pretty sound idea, overall — the Kelly family are an adorable bunch, and with kids on the internet nowadays, at least they’ll have a wholesome and entertaining show to look forward to on Youtube.

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