Remedy Skin Solutions for the New Normal

Who else has been stuck at home for the entire pandemic? I don’t go out at all, constantly looking for at-home solutions for things that I need to do. I’ve been doing my groceries online, self-waxing, doing my own manicures and pedicures, and investing in skincare. These were all safety measures that I took to keep myself and my family safe. Unfortunately, because of this fear of COVID-19, my skin had also suffered a little.

I never used to have acne, but the late nights brought about from working at home and taking on more raket eventually took its toll on me. I spent more time at online meetings and enumans with my camera off because I’d get random breakouts and I realized I had stopped taking care of my skin the way I used to. Despite my at-home skincare routine, I used to be the type of woman who got facials and visited a skin doctor to make sure her skin was well taken care of. But all of that was out of the window after the pandemic started.

I figured it was time to do something about it. After all, I’m fully vaccinated now, and more and more places have been incorporating safety measures. One of them is Remedy Skin Solutions.

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Photo by Kacy Chua

Remedy Skin Solutions follows clinic safety protocol so you can be sure that you stay safe all throughout. What surprised and wowed me the most, though, was that, after registering my details at the front desk, I was led into a room with a screen in front of me and the doctor consultation happened virtually, minimizing my physical contact with other people. I was basically in a room alone and talked to the doctor over the screen. Photos of my face were also sent to the doctor so she could take a good look at my skin. Amazing!

After that, the doctor asked me about my skin issues and proceeded to recommend services that I could avail of on the day and the products that I could use after the session.

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

She recommended I try the Hollywood Laser Facial, which consists of three steps using high standard US FDA-approved technology. This complete facial targets acne, pores, pigments, and scars to provide total rejuvenation.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: YAG Laser tightens the pores and remodels any scars.
Step 2: Carbon Laser kills acne-causing bacteria.
Step 3: Genesis stimulates collagen production and improves overall complexion.

This facial is safe for all skin types and takes less than half an hour. It treats acne, acne scars, pores, pigments, and fine lines and is perfect for complete rejuvenation and anti-aging. The best part is that the results are instant. Right after the facial, I could not stop looking at the mirror because I was so amazed by how “refreshed” I look. It’s hard to explain, but I looked and felt like I was glowing. There was no pain or downtime, either.

I got an Essential Cleanse after that, too, though, which ruined the beauty that the Hollywood Laser Facial brought about. Haha. If you’re getting two treatments in a day as I did, I’d recommend taking a lot of selfies after the Hollywood Laser Facial. :p (I’m sad I didn’t.)

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Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

The post-treatment products that the doctor recommends will really depend on your skin type and needs. I was recommended to buy six products that totaled almost Php10,000. Buying them is completely up to you and how serious you are about improving your skin. For the treatments, I was recommended to do the Hollywood Laser Facial every two weeks and the Essential Cleanse every month.

Overall, I love how quick, refreshing, and effective the treatments were. About a week after my visit, my skin felt oh-so-smooth and looked great. In fact, if they had a clinic closer to my home in the South, I would definitely make more frequent visits for my skin. If you live near Taguig or visit the area often, I would highly recommend trying Remedy Skin Solutions!

Remedy Skin Solutions is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9AM to 8PM. All bookings are made by appointment only.

Remedy Skin Solutions

LG/F One Uptown Residence, 9th Ave. cor. 36th St. Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig


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