Remarks of IPDCI Chairman Rey Runtgen Martin Del Rosario for the upcoming 2nd Peace Diplomacy Convention

International Peace Diplomacy Corps’ Observance to United Nations’ International Peace Day, 2ND PEACE DIPLOMACY CONVENTION, PRESENTATION OF IPDCI 2018 PEACE DIPLOMACY FELLOWS


In the Philippines, the International Peace Diplomacy Corps, Inc. wishes to celebrate the observance of the United Nations’ International Peace Day slated on the 22nd of January 2018 coinciding the 2nd Peace Diplomacy Convention and the presentation of the IPDCI 2018 Peace Diplomacy Fellows. With the theme, “Philippines’ Peace Diplomacy Culture for the World,” the gathering will be the second in Philippine history in promulgating peace aspirations closer to humanity and fraternity.

As the IPDCI Chairman, our shared cooperation and collaboration allows our global society to avail participatory development. I am very grateful for all those representatives of the diplomatic and consular corps, including our elected public officials, the President, Vice President, Senate President and Speaker of the House for their commendation to this event, which is very relevant not only in the Philippines but also of global significance.

Philippine President stated: “I commend IPDCI for its sincere efforts to promote diplomacy in this time of turmoil in some parts of the world. May this convention inspire its members and advocates to continue creating programs that will nurture a culture of peace at the national and international levels.”

Vice President reminded us that: “This year’s theme, “Philippines Peace Diplomacy Culture for the World” comes at an opportune moment, especially in today’s extraordinary times. We are confronted by the challenges that create discord among our people which affects the progress and development of our country.”

Philippine Senate President told us: “Your theme, “Philippines’ Peace Diplomacy Culture for the World,” appropriately uses the occasion of the International Peace Day to spread awareness of our history of promoting peace amidst conflict in the world. As we pursue our independent foreign policy, we must emphasize that it is in the interests of our country to promote peace, human rights, and democracy.”

House Speaker emphasized that: “I commend the IPDCI for its collective efforts to enhance global peace processes at a time when strife and conflicts arising from cultural differences are erupting and displacing many communities around the world. Truly, the IPDCI is an important partner of governments in fighting against violence, disunity and terrorism.”

As a Filipino, this Peace Diplomacy Convention gives us the strength and courage to believe in ourselves. This is history. This is our accomplishment. The Philippines can lead the global society, a Filipino made it! Congratulations to everyone!

When I started campaigning the International Peace Diplomacy Corps, this is the outcome that I have envisioned, our solidarity defines the values we uphold.

Being the Chairman, I know that my campaign is never about me, not about the Philippines, this is about our global society, a community that is inclusive and resilient- we cherish cultural differences, and we must defend them.

This is why shortly after this convention, I will represent the International Peace Diplomacy Corps to the United Nations Economic and Social Council upon the invitation of the UN ECOSOC President to raise our advocacy platform in the global stage.

Thank you very much.

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