Relive your youth as the Ateneo Musicians’ Pool brings you AMPliTunes 2018: Gunita

Sunny afternoons in bright playgrounds, midday adventures with friends, laughter, and sweet snacks – the only thing to worry about is the next school bell.

Do you feel it coming back?

Let the flow of nostalgia surround you and experience this special moment as the Ateneo Musicians’ Pool presents AMPliTunes 2018: Gunita on March 16, 2018 at Route 196.

Enjoy performances from:

The Mad Lilacs
Jerome Exmundo
Bea Bustamante & Lance Salazar
Our Inflatable Friends
Lolo’s Polo



In addition to that, you can take the one-of-a-kind experience with you as the limited AMPliTunes 2018 album will be on sale at the event as well! Copies of the album are for sale at a discounted price of 175Php (250Php regular) only at the event!

Get ready for a night with songs that will let you relive your youth once again.

Doors open at 7 pm. Entrance is 250Php with a free drink. See you there!

Photo by Hikaru Murakami
Poster by Gabby Segovia


AMPliTunes is AMP’s annual compilation album and launch gig. This year, AMP wants to revisit your childhood memories, giving that same sense of familiarity and safeness of the past, while still helping you grow. It is a bridge from what we have come to know to what we do not know yet.

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AMPliTunes 2018: Gunita is in cooperation with Ateneo Psyche, Computer Society of the Ateneo, Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura, Ateneo Management Economics Organisation, and Ateneo Collegiate Society of Advertising, with special thanks to Trampoline Park,, and [Indie]Manila.

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