Relish at Ponte: Food Memorably Delish


Slow Roasted Grilled Beef Belly with Au Jus Gravy (P440) is unbelievably tender and almost melts in my mouth. One-inch beef slabs were roasted slowly to not only tenderize but also lock in the flavor.

Their special Au jus gravy proved a great companion.


Relish Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Lemon, and Oregano (P395) is my favorite among the dishes served at Relish. Cooked in whooping six hours, it’s so soft and  falls off the bone that even my grandma can eat it. Flavors are deeply in infused in the meat!


Baked Salmon (P490) is a good choice for those who prefer fish over meat. The combination of slightly sweet and sour tastes is interesting with its lemon-infused melted cheese top. The sour cream side does harmonize the two seemingly contradicting flavors.


Relish Cheese Steak (P275) reminds me of my previous obsession with Philly’s Cheese Steak. There are a number of cheese steak joint sprouting lately in the Metro and only a handful actually serve the way it should be with quality ribeye and pan-melted cheese.


Chorizo with Tomato Cream Sauce Pasta (P380) should be well-appreciated by Relish loyal patrons for actually using pureed tomatoes made in the kitchen and not packaged premade tomato sauce. Chorizo adds the slight sweetness and peppery taste to this.


Relish Special Sisig (P250) still and is the favorite pulutan for Relish’s Happy Hour. However, it is gaining popularity as a viand of choice, not by men as would be expected, but by women. Relish takes pride in not using extenders, just pig’s ears, skin, and liver.

Meals are not complete without the dessert! What for dessert? Turn to the next page!

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