Relish at Ponte: Food Memorably Delish


When In Manila, you can find the best treats in the most discreet and unexpected place. Makati Central Business District is home to flourishing foodie scenes but think outside the “mainstream” high-end restaurants of Ayala Center, and venture bit further.

Salcedo VillageĀ takes pride in being home to a number of relatively underrated culinary jewels. In my regular walks around the area after work, I found Relish at Ponte by accident while having coffee nearby. I decided to try them out and it proved to be one good decision as the food lived up to its name! As the old say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” so let the (eating) fun begin!


Amazing Artichoke Dip with Tostitos (P350) is a good and healthy appetizer for starters. The cheese is fortified with blended artichoke to create this healthy tasty dish.

Tostitos were made from scratch and baked in the restaurant kitchen, definitely guiltless.


Gourmet Tomato Cheese SpreadĀ (P225) is by far the bestseller among the appetizers served at Relish. The pesto on top, cream cheese in the middle, and pureed tomatoes at the bottom create a unique blend of flavors that proved to be addicting for the regulars.

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