Reimagining the Advertising Industry in AdX: Generation Redesign

Advertising has experienced many changes over the years. With the internet and social media available today, there are endless possibilities for ad creation. This poses a question: How do you effectively spark an interest in a consumer’s mind in this day and age?

Luckily, AdCreate Society’s annual advertising conference is back this year leading you closer to the latest advertising insights by industry leaders at the comfort of your home.

This year’s theme is “ADX: Generation Redesign” which aims to elevate the meaning of advertisements to what it is in the 21st century. The conference will be a 2-DAY event, happening on August 20 – 21, 2021. Catch various industry leaders and learn from them as they tackle the different aspects of advertising, from the fundamentals to the evolution of these practices. 

ADX main pub

On the first day, plenary sessions’ “A(d)Cross Time” and “CTL: Creating the line” will impart creative storytelling with modern-day advertising practices. On the second day, plenary sessions’ “Ad Pop!” and “Next Stop: Going Global” will spark one’s interest in building strategy and using the audience’s influence to widen a brand’s reach.

Join us as we reimagine and uncover what lies in the world of advertising! Get your tickets now!  For more information on both the plenary sessions and tickets, visit our social media websites at on Facebook and on Instagram