Rei Germar Celebrates Body Positivity: “Every body is bikini ready”

Vlogger and Content Creator Rei Germar took to Twitter last March 3 to spread a message of ~body positivity~ and self-love. She championed learning to love and accept your body, warts and all.

Rei started off by talking about her own journey towards body love and the struggles she personally went through.

“I remember trying lots of waterproof concealers to cover up the hyperpigmentation and scars all over my body,” she shares. “I spent so much as well on lasers for my underarm.”

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She picks it up on a positive note and ends by saying: “Pagod na me mga siz [I’m tired of this already] so I’m dropping by to let you know that EVERY BODY IS BIKINI READY.”

Rei is a well-known advocate of body positivity, self-love, and women in general. Her fans and followers know her to be vocal on these subjects and candid when it gets to the heart of things.

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