Regine Velasquez on her Greatest Role Yet

Written by: Giorgia Ocampo Danga / Photos by: Marco Sumargo

Who doesn’t know Regine Velasquez?

Certainly, this world-famous diva has made a name for herself after being in show business for 30 years. We’ve seen her colorful life unfold from watching her on Sunday noontime shows to adding a ‘hyphen Alcasid’ to her name. She is many things: an actress, a TV host, Asia’s songbird. But for her, the greatest role she has to play is being a mom to 6-year old Nate.

How is Regine Velasquez as a mom?

“As a mom? Hanggang ngayon hindi pa ko sure. Of course I try to be a good mom to Nate, pero wala namang right way on how to be a parent, so I just do my best. And with a lot of prayers, I am hoping that I am a good mom.”

Jollibee with Regine & Nate

How do you balance work and being a hands-on mom?

“You know, I am very blessed kasi I’ve had a good 4 years with him. I wasn’t working that much, so I was just at home taking care of him. It’s just the last 2 years na nag fu-full time na ‘ko ulit. I just try to schedule it in such a way na nakikita ko pa rin siya. I try not to have many out of the country or out of town stuff, kung meron man overnight lang. So I tell him na “Oh I’m not gonna be home on Saturday, I’ll be home the following day, so you’ll see me the following day” at least alam niya para di niya ko hinahanap.”

How do you help Nate discover his passions?

“Ngayon kasi maliit pa siya eh, so we’re still trying to figure out what he’s into. But since the beginning, he really loves airplanes. And he loves maps and weather. I don’t know why but he said to me before that he wanted to travel, he wanted to be a traveler. But also he wants to be a singer; he also enjoys singing.”

Jollibee with Regine & Nate

What is your discipline style?

“Hindi kami masyadong ma-reward, kasi ayoko yung he’ll do something lang para he’ll get the reward.But I punish him, pinapalo ko siya. And then pinapagalitan ko,  if he would say something rude or medyo hindi maganda yung ginawa niya. I make it a point na to tell himor to let him know that I don’t like that.”

What is your favorite thing to do together?

“Picnic. He loves to go on a picnic, with daddy. Pero sa akin, yung sa gabi yung bago matulog. For some reason ayaw niyang matulog eh. Ang dami-dami niyang kwento, tapos doon actually lumalabas yung mga kwento niya about school. Kasi right after school, I would usually ask him “how’s school” and he’d say “it’s okay”. But at night, he would actually say things! He doesn’t want to go to sleep and he’s so alive, full of energy.”

Jollibee with Regine & Nate

Is Nate a picky eater?

“Medyo, medyo! Kaya kapag meron siyang gusto, kakainin talaga niya. Like yung Jollibee spaghetti. Tuwing merienda, kakainin niya ‘yon. Nakakatawa kasi minsan wala ako sa house. Totoo ‘to ha! Minsan kukumustahin ko siya kay Nanang. Sabi ko “Kumusta si Nate?”. [She says] “Eto, nag-memerienda ng Jollibee”. Eh nakakalimutan ko mag-iwan ng money. Binili niya from his money! Kasi meron siyang sarili niyang pera na nakuha niya from lola, so bibili siya from his money so nakakatawa.”

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to raising Nate?

“Of course we want for him to be successful, and that’s why, you know, we do everything. But more than that, I really want for him to be a good person, yung people will remember him because he’s mabait, he’s good with everyone, marunong makisama, hindi yung mas successful lang siya. My ultimate goal is for him to grow up as a god-fearing person. Kasi ‘pag god-fearing siya, kilala niya si Christ, everything else will follow. I know in my heart that he will be a good person.”

Jollibee with Regine & Nate


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