REFLECTION X REFRACTION: A Solo Art Exhibit by Alexander Lopez


August 24-27, 2016

Alexander Rene Lopez’s solo art exhibit, REFLECTION X REFRACTION, successfully concluded on August 27, 2016 after opening to the public on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, welcoming audiences for four days of events and viewing at the Design Center of the Philippines (DCP) in Pasay City.

The multimedia art exhibit showcased twelve mixed-media installations of glass and mirror in the vast space of DCP. The collection focused on the concept of karma treated and executed in a neutral manner, leaving the audiences to contemplate and arrive at their own interpretations.


Other exhibition highlights included artist talks by Eunice Gatdula (Huhsmile), DiCi (Taong Greasy), Pat Frades, and Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez held on the second day, with film viewing held on the third day.

Plans to bring the exhibit to other venues are being discussed and greatly considered.

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Free admission! Come over and put some art in your life!

About the Artist: Alexander is a graduating student from Asia Pacific College, currently completing his degree in Multimedia Arts with specialization in film. He loves doing experimental and narrative short films to let his audience think what the message behind his works are. His style explores the perspective of his audience towards a specific topic or conflict so that when his audience sees his works, they can interpret his works freely

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