Reef Philippines Provides the Essentials for the Perfect Summer

Summer is all about the heat and what’s the perfect way to beat the heat? Go to the beach and drink some cold beer!!!

…at least, that’s how I would define my perfect summer. That is also the reason why I became intrigued when I got invited to Reef Philippines‘ event called the #PerfectSummer.

Reef Philippines Perfect SummerAt Uptown Mall, BGC, Reef Philippines recently showed us what a perfect summer should be like – and it had everything I had personally envisioned for my own perfect summer: a beachy vibe, beachy outfits, chill music, comfy sandals… and beer!

Reef Philippines Perfect Summer

We were given a taste of Reef’s new collections, which showcased both functionality and style. No matter whether you just plan on travelling and exploring different places this summer, or are up for something more adventurous, Reef’s outfits would be perfect for you.

Reef Philippines Perfect Summer

We were also able to try their super comfy footwear at the event, which has a super soft contoured Swellular foam deck for comfort, a medium-density Swellular midsole for support and Reef’s signature Swellular high-density rubber outsole for the ultimate comfort, support and traction. The best part? They have some ultra cool sandals called the Reef Fannings, which have a fricking bottle opener in the outsole!!!

Reef Philippines Perfect Summer

Of course, I joined the beer drinking contest at the event. Sadly, I’ve always had trouble opening beer bottles, so I came in second. But hey, if I get those sandals, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up using it every chance that I get and will become a bottle-opening expert in no time.

Reef Philippines Perfect Summer

Of course, Reef Philippines also paid homage to surfing by showing us their documentary of Filipino surfers in La Union. In it, we were able to witness how a small town received positive impact from the popularity of surfing in the area. (La Union happens to be the site of the country’s first surf schools, helping a lot of people with job opportunities and related businesses.)

Reef Philippines Perfect Summer

How do you envision the perfect summer? Share your dreams with us!

Reef Philippines

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