Rediscovering the Beauty of Zambales with Liwa Art Collective

The Philippines is blessed with several islands loved by locals and tourists alike. Among the thousand islands that we have, some are extremely popular like Palawan, Boracay, and Siargao. Some, on the other hand, are not as frequently visited as the others. It all depends on your preference. There are people who enjoy a more urbanized beach trip, and then there are some who seek a serene escapade to take a break from the fast-paced city life. If you’re part of the latter, you should definitely go to Zambales.
It may be true that you won’t get to rave at massive beach parties nor find restaurants with lavish and Instagrammable food at Zambales. However, what you will find here are far more priceless: a scenic view of the mountains, white sand beaches with cool and calm waters, and most importantly, the simplicity of island life.
I had only been to Zambales once back in 2015. Upon returning, it’s still as beautiful and as special as my memory served. The secluded island with little to no signal will force you to connect with nature and the people around you. It will leave you no choice but to wander and explore what its quiet coastal stretch has to offer. As brutal as that may sound to millennials with gadgets glued to their hands, its breathtaking landscape is sure to change their minds indefinitely.
A group of individuals wanted to maximize the beauty of Zambales by conducting an event called Liwa Art CollectiveLiwa Art Collective is a passion project of the organizers of Seamulat. It’s a 2-day celebration of art, music, and the sea in the precious land of Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales, where 15 local/international artists come together to paint a collective mural – a statement, if you may – to symbolize the festivity of nature in the form of art.
The graffiti artists included Enjoy, Nuno, Apok, Nevs, Chase, Easy, Distort Monster, Dvise, Raick, DK/Snap, Archie Oclos, Luis H, Frank, Badot, Cinos, Jake Espiritu, Doom, Fuse, and many more.
The event also hosted a music festival by several bands on both nights. With good tunes by the beach and beer in hand, we felt like the world had stopped and we truly just lived in the moment.
After the music session, lying by the beach was one of the best things we could do. Let this picture speak for itself:
There are several resorts in San Felipe, Zambales for you to stay in; but we highly recommend Limliwa Beach Resort, which has some of the prettiest architecture in the vicinity. Its peaceful pathway amidst the forest canopy will lead you to quaint buildings with air-conditioned rooms and their own bathrooms.
They also have several huts known that can cater up to six people. This is perfect for those who really want to embrace the vibe of the resort. These have private bathrooms, as well.
Are you into martial arts? You might be surprised that Limliwa Beach Resort has its own dojo where they conduct boxing/MMA/Muay Thai sessions. In this 3-storey high wooden structure, you’ll also get a nice view of the ocean.
Check out their Facebook page to see their affordable rates.
Zambales is truly an underrated gem. It’s rare to find such an intimate beach spot that’s relatively near Manila. And with more events like this, it’s bound to become even more beautiful. Let’s just remember to always maintain its cleanliness. Mother Nature is ours to enjoy, and it’s only right to leave it that way.
Instagram: @seamulat

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