Recent Study Shows that Couple Selfies Could Ruin Relationships

Are you the type of person who always posts selfies with your significant other on social media all the time? Well, a recent study claims that sharing couple selfies could ruin your relationship.

Researchers from Florida State University basically interviewed 420 people between 18 and 62 years old for this study and asked about their relationships and the amount of selfies that they took and posted on social media.

Makati Selfie Ban (2)

The initial results showed that a person’s self-image satisfaction was directly related to the amount of selfies that they posted on social media. Apparently, the more selfies that you post, the lower your body image satisfaction is.

They also found that the more selfies couples shared on social media, the higher the chances would be of them breaking up.

Hmm. Interesting. From your own personal experience, do you find this to be true?