Rebelde Celebrates 8 Years of Accessible Film Education for Everyone

Rebelde, a diverse community of aspiring filmmakers from different parts of the country, is celebrating its eighth year of continuous success in offering immersive and accessible film education to everyone. This February, they will be launching their 16th batch for Rebelde Class—a monthly filmmaking workshop and is now made online, as part of their anniversary celebration. 

For the first time, Rebelde’s founder J.E. Tiglao is taking the wheel to lead the latest batch of Rebelde Class. He is an independent filmmaker, who was awarded Best Director both at the Cinemalaya and Cinema One Originals 2019. 

J.E. Tiglao’s films have been selected in more than fifty film festivals in and out of the country. For eight years, he has been active as part of the production of various television series, documentary films, TV Ads, music videos, and films. His feature film, Metamorphosis, the first Filipino film about intersex, became the most awarded film in Cinema One Originals 2019 and was nominated and won at the Gawad Urian and FAMAS. 

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For this batch of Rebelde Class, J.E. Tiglao will walk us through his filmmaking process. The immersive film course is divided into five days, with the following classes: 

DAY 1: To start off the program, Day 1 is all about Filmmaking 101, Film Theory: Cinematic Ideas, and of course, Scriptwriting. Students get to know the basics and introduction for the craft of filmmaking, ideologies, semiotics, mise-en-scene, styles, film forms, and genres, as well as how to write a script through story development, structure, and more. Ricky Lee, the most celebrated writer of Philippine Cinema, is invited for a panel discussion. 

DAY 2: Once the students have known the basics of Scriptwriting, it’s about time for them to learn about Film Analysis, Directing 101, and Film Production. In this class, students will learn how to properly analyze a film, may it be text-based, topic-based, or picture & sound-based. After analyzing a film, it’s time to learn how to convert your story into a motion picture by learning the roles of a film director, cinematic storytelling, camera as a tool, etc.; and the stages of production, fundraising, and budgeting. 

DAY 3: It’s also the first time for Rebelde to invite professional actors to do a live script reading. During this session, actors Gold Azeron and Yayo Aguila will join the class as mentor J.E. Tiglao is to share his techniques in his Directing Process – part of this is the collaboration with actors and advanced blocking. Students may also get a chance to have their scripts read by the guests. As an integral part of filmmaking, Cinematography will be discussed, too, breaking down technical concerns such as camera movement, lens, color, and more. 

DAY 4: A great film doesn’t only rely on a well-written script nor fascinating cinematography. There are other Elements of Film one must consider, such as production design, costume and make-up, which Tiglao will go through on Day 4. He will also impart his knowledge by making Filmmaking As A Career. Together with another guest who’s an established actor and filmmaker, Cherie Gil is to join the class for a panel discussion about proper set ethics and share her 

experiences in the industry. 

DAY 5: Birdshot Producer Pamela Reyes will help students to find opportunities for their films as she joins mentor J.E Tiglao. Here, they are to talk about Film Festivals, Script Development Lab and Film Grants. Also in this last day, students get to showcase their short film outputs. Mainly, the last day is about the stages of a film after its production, which is very essential to the process of filmmaking. 


The Rebelde Class Batch 16 is happening every weekend of February (13, 14, 20, 21 and 28) 2021, from 2-6 PM. 

If you are an aspiring filmmaker and looking for an affordable filmmaking class with top-notch mentors, you would not want to miss this. To join, go to this link: bit.ly/RebeldeClass16 and register. 

Be a part of the Rebelde community by joining these exclusive workshops and get a chance to meet established filmmakers as your mentors. For inquiries, you may reach them at rebelde.classph@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page @rebeldeph.