Reality Check: This Is Where Your Hard-Earned Salary Goes

When In Manila, you’ve probably heard friends and loved ones (heck, maybe even yourself) complain about how they’re basically breaking their backs at work, only to realize that they have a hard time saving up.

Sounds familiar??

Well, this photo going viral on Facebook may provide some clarity!

The viral image computes basically all the expenses an average person makes in his life… and the amount left from his hard-earned pay will shock you.

This is where your hard earned salary goes

So from an entry level pay of P 17,000 for an 8-to-5 job every day, and taking into consideration travel time and transport fare, as well as other deductions such as tax, utility bills, and food… apparently, you’re only left with P735.40 PESOS.

Essentially, with that rate and that amount of time spent at work, you’re getting paid for P2.57 per HOUR!

The infographic also says that to be able to pay your parents back for paying for almost 15 years of education and an average allotment P700,000 for tuition fee and allowance, it would actually take you 79 YEARS to pay them back!!

Check out more of this mind-blowing and reality-shaking chart for the details.

Now wonder a lot of us always complain about having no progress despite working for so long.

What do you think of this?? Do you agree with the chart?


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