Real Coast & Surf: A Resort Perfect For The Two Types Of Travelers

There are two types of travelers in this world.

The first one travels for relaxation. These people prefer comfy hotel rooms with clean and cozy duvets, swimming pools where they can soak in before hitting the beach, and amenities that will ensure that their stay is as fuss-free as possible. After all, their main goal is to destress.

The second type, however, travels for exploration. They seek the adventure that comes with visiting a new place. They love camping by the beach, they sleep in hammocks, and they prefer the sun, sand and stars combo.

But hey, we just found the perfect place for both types! Real Coast and Surf is a premier resort destination tucked in the serene coastal areas of Real, Quezon. It is actually divided into two establishments, Real Coast and Real Surf, which differ in many ways in order to cater to both types of travelers.

real coast 7

So, which one is for you?

If you’re the first type who’s after the comfort, then Real Coast is for you.

real coast 2

real coast 1

From the uber-cozy air-conditioned bedrooms and squeaky clean personal bathrooms to an eight-foot-deep swimming pool and both pool-side and beach-side cabanas, this hostel definitely has everything you might need for your vacation.

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real coast 4

real coast 3

No need to worry about your food, as well, because Real Coast offers full-board meals we’re sure you’ll love! The whole place is tranquil and it will really provide you the break you need from the hustle and bustle of the metro.

real coast 12

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On the other hand, if you’re the second type who’s after the raw fun on the beach, then you should check out Real Surf!

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real coast 10

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This surf camp is perfect if you’re after the chill, laid-back atmosphere. This is where you can freely bum and lounge in bean bags while waiting for their bestselling Real burger. Here, you’ll enjoy surfing, skimming, and swimming!

real coast 6

You can either pitch your own tent or rent one of their colorful cabanas that come with a single foam, table, electric fan, hammock, and mosquito net. Don’t worry about the food because Real Surf has a food shack and grilling area for your meat and fish baon.

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We’ve tried staying overnight in both establishments and we can attest that Real Coast and Surf is really great and indeed, one of the must-visit places you must not miss this summer! So, if you ever find yourself looking for a local destination for you next fam, barkada or even solo trip, you know where to go!

Real Coast & Surf

Barangay Malapad, Real, Quezon