Readers Share Their Funny Experiences When a Taxi Driver Declined Them

The past week was a bit stressful especially when the story broke that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will crack down and apprehend Uber and Grab operators who continue to operate without a franchise.

On social media, there were strong petitions against this because of the many claims that Uber and Grab has made traveling in the metro a lot easier. Many consider Uber and Grab the better option over the traditional transportation systems we have in place at present.

One of the common modes of transportation is the taxi. If you have traveled around Metro Manila riding a taxi, chances are, you have experienced some troubles with them. One of the usual troubles we experience is getting declined by the taxi driver because of whatever reason they may have. When it comes to Uber and Grab, this rarely happens since there are guidelines and systems set in place that their operators cannot simply choose and decline passengers.

So, we asked our readers at what are their funniest experiences that happened to them when a taxi driver declined them.

This was inspired by Inah Tamara’s story. She said.

Here are the stories shared with us via comments on the Facebook post.

taxi decline 1

taxi decline 2

taxi decline 3

taxi decline 4

taxi decline 5

taxi decline 6

taxi decline 7

taxi decline 8

taxi decline 9

taxi decline 10

taxi decline 11

taxi decline 12

taxi decline 13

taxi decline 14

taxi decline 15

taxi decline 16

taxi decline 17

taxi decline 18

taxi decline 19

taxi decline 20

taxi decline 21

taxi decline 22

taxi decline 23

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