READ: Who Really Ranked Davao As One Of The Safest Cities In The World?

That Davao City is one of the safest cities in the world has been touted as fact by netizens, publications, and politicans alike. But, where did this information originally come from and how was this conclusion reached? One Facebook user, Sean De Dios, decided to conduct a 15 minute search on the matter and this is what he found:


The whole text reads:

Duterte and everyone else throws around “Davao, Nth safest city in the world” a lot. So while I was waiting for the traffic to die down on this 13th month payday Friday, I decided to conduct a 15 minute research.

Lets find out who declared Davao City as the 6th (or 9th, or 4th??) safest city IN THE WORLD (Jeremy Clarkson voice)!

I figured that Philippine based publications would be biased, #pinoypride and all, so I chose to avoid those. Instead, I looked at the following sites:

You know which website mentioned Davao? None. Not even in Top 50 lists.

This made me look into the Inquirer article, checking their sources. The ranking of Davao city comes from which is a user-contributed survey site. USER-CONTRIBUTED. And I checked it– a whopping 452 contributors! To add to that, what country is the Social Media capital of the world? Us, of course! (

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I’m not saying that Davao city isn’t as safe as it claims to be. I’m just saying that if you’re going to claim something as big as NTH IN THE WORLD, you better have the proper sources to back you up.

You connect the dots. And, if anyone has better sources regarding the prestigious title, please let me know because I’d rather hope that it is in fact, well-earned.

I’m not discrediting Duterte nor am I discrediting the testimonials from the populace of Davao. Lets just remember that not everything you see on the internet should be taken at face-value. Lets read, dig deep, and vote wisely! #PHVote

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