READ: VP Candidate Leni Robredo Supports LGBT Community

READ VP Candidate Leni Robredo Supports LGBT Community

While one presidential candidate is making media waves for his controversial statements and actions, one vice presidential candidate is doing the same thing, albeit in a quiet manner. Leni Robredo, the Liberal Party’s candidate, is slowly gaining fans despite being new to politics because of her humble demeanor, passion for serving the people (a passion shared by her late husband Jesse Robredo), and determination for good governance. In fact, she once said that Naga City was able to enjoy the same level of development as Davao City without the iron-fist leadership of presidential candidate and Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Now, Robredo is revealing another advocacy, or at least the support of a community. Social media user Isaac Saguit reveals that during an open forum, she was asked on her thoughts on same-sex marriage. Here’s what she responded, according to Saguit:

When asked about same-sex marriage, Leni Robredo, without fear and without thinking twice, told Cebuanos in UC that everyone should be able to choose who they wish to love. She reminded everyone that human rights is universal and that everyone should enjoy the same rights everyone else is enjoying. She also pointed out that while we should respect religious beliefs and the right to religion, we should also respect the fact that the state does not and should not cater only to one religious group.

Saguit also shares why Robredo would make a good vice president:

This woman right here, who had been in the service of the marginalized for the most part of her life, this woman who had always put the voiceless first, this woman who shows so much passion in what she is fighting for, this woman who is arduously pushing for the reform agenda for a more equitable Philippines, this woman — Leni Robredo, is definitely my vice president.

Nevermind that I was born in Naga, or that she’s the widow of the respectable Jesse Robredo. I’m voting for her not because of those, but because I believe she will genuinely serve the Filipino people.

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