READ: Uber Driver Returns Wallet Left Behind by Passenger

READ Uber Driver Returns Wallet Left Behind by Passenger

When we read stories about bad people, sometimes it’s nice to read a positive story that shows the good side of people.

This story shared by social media user Doni Eduave on Facebook shows that there are still kind people working in the service industry. This is what happened when he realized he left his wallet and keys in an Uber ride:

The other day, I took an Uber ride early in the morning for a very important jiu jitsu class and I ended up getting Ruben Masalonga Jr. who drove a red Toyota Wigo (plate number YP0869). The ride was the usual smooth, friendly service I got and I got to my destination with no complaints. After I finished the class, which lasted for about 1 1/2 hours, I decided to get a cab to head to work. It was only when I got in the cab did I realize that I left my wallet and keys in the Uber car and called up the driver asking him if he had seen my stuff in the back of car. He told me he did a quick check, found them just lying around and offered to drive up to a nearby place to return them without asking for anything in return. We met up close to where I work and gave the stuff back to me with absolutely nothing taken from my wallet. The most I could do was give him P500 as a token of gratitude and a promise to try to get this story to someone who works at Uber.

According to Eduave, it’s people like Masalonga that restores his faith in humanity.

This is a picture of the guy who basically saved me from a potential mental breakdown. This guy needs a promotion, a giant Christmas bonus or something for what he did. It is because of people like him who add that special touch that I don’t mind paying for that extra surge that pops up during the holidays. And it is people like him that makes you want to believe that there is still some good out there.

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