READ: This School Apparently Sent a Letter of Invitation For an Immersion Program in Baguio Stating “Dog Meat” and Beer Will Be Served is an active advocate for sustainable care for animals. In fact, we’ve shared hundreds of stories about pets being lost and stories of victories where lost pets get reunited with their furparents. This is why when we come across stories that will put the animals in danger, we try to help by spreading awareness – hoping people will stop hurting them.

Unfortunately, today we came across another horrific story shared by the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) Facebook page. According to them, they received a letter from a parent sent to him by the school authorities of his son who is going to join an immersion program in Baguio. In the letter, it stated that the parent must give consent to his son to be fed with ‘dog meat’ and ‘locally craft beers’ by his foster family.

You may read the letter below:

AKF wrote:

AKF gathers that this matter has already been settled and the idea scrapped.

Please approach us if you have received a similar letter from your kids’ school. This must be corrected.

It is a struggle then and still a struggle now. This is the reason why AKF is very much around. Who will police this kind of ignorance if we do not fight the dog meat trade?

Let us do this together, fellow advocates! Help us fight this battle.

Hopefully, no further letters have been distributed after this incident. If you come across one, kindly let When In Manila Pets & Animals Facebook page know or message Animal Kingdom Foundation on their Facebook page.

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