READ: This Pet-Loving Homeless Woman Needs Your Help!

A homeless woman named Ate Sini has been taking care of pets for over a decade now. Despite her living conditions on the street, she manages to feed, bath and be a responsible pawrent to her cats and dogs.


Photo by Mirell Macalinao

Fortunately, someone wants to take her in and give her a job as a house helper. What’s even great is that all her cats can come with her to Cavite. Thus, Ate Sini needs our help in order to move from Mabini St., Manila to Carmona, Cavite by the 5th of March.


Photo by Mirell Macalinao


Photo by Mirell Macalinao

According to Mirell Macalinao, a concerned netizen who is helping Ate Sini, here are a few problems that we need to work out.

  1. We need another vehicle, preferably a pickup so we can bring Ate’s small cart and stuff to Cavite. We have only one vehicle now and it might only be enough for the pets, Ate and some stuff.
  2. We wish to accomplish the neutering of Ate’s cats before they move to Cavite.
  3. The kind person taking Ate with her cannot keep the pregnant dog and her sick puppy for long due to constraints on space and resources. Can anyone help us find adopters?
  4. The puppy has a bad skin problem and needs to be taken to the vet:(.
  5. Can anyone lend big cages where Ate’s five cats can live in, temporarily isolated from the housecats that they will eventually be joining?


Photo by Mirell Macalinao


Photo by Mirell Macalinao

Mirell also mentioned that the person taking Ate with her can help shelter the pets and provide for their future needs, but the initial vet attention that they need would involve substantial expenses to acquire. They plan to have the cats checked and vaccinated too before relocating them.

If anyone wants to offer help, you may contact Mirell Macalinao here.


Ate Sini is currently with DSWD as of writing. Mirell Macalinao took Ate’s pets to Pet Project while looking for people who are willing to foster and/or adopt them. We hope you can help us find a home for the six cats and two dogs since Ate Sini can no longer take care of them. You may contact Mirell here.

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