READ: This Mother Makes Pet Paintings Out of Love

Whether it may be food, clothing or art, it surely is precious whenever it is rooted from a mother’s love.

Her fascination with watercolor, along with her love for her daughters gave rise to Pinky Fuentebella Lizares’ “pawsome heartworks.”

Pinky graduated bachelor in Fine Arts, majoring in Interior Design. She trained under the wings of the founder of the Art Association in Bacolod City, the late Edgardo “Budot” Lizares.

She shared with us that her first pet painting was meant for her daughter who was leaving the country for work. Thinking that she’d be homesick, Pinky thought of painting her daughter’s pet, Hollywood, onto a pillow. That way, she could still cuddle with her best friend even when she’s overseas.

She also did the same when her other daughter left their Bacolod home for college. Since her daughter’s dormitory did not allow pets, she instead sent her a pillow with her daughter’s dog painted onto it. She shared that the huggable art pillow was meant for her daughters to feel like they have their real dogs with them.

She also made sure to immortalize the soulful eyes of their first dog, Ola, who passed away. Making a pillow painting of her was their way to pay homage to the happy dog life years she has shared with them.

Since then, orders for her pet art came pouring in from friends and family. When her cousin opened a pet salon, her passion in creating pet paintings grew even more. There is even a wall in the salon dedicated to her art.

Want to have a painting for your pets too?  You may get in touch with Pinky via her Instagram page, @pinkertowne.

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