READ: This Guy’s Social Experiment Is Interesting and Disturbing At The Same Time!

With all the discussions going on about mental health lately, it would be easy to assume that people are more aware now. However, is awareness enough?

A guy named Tony Fontanilla did a little social experiment that aimed to see how people would react given a situation related to suicide. After a couple of tweets that hinted suicidal behavior, he posted a Twitter poll on whether he should kill himself or not.

By the end of the experiment, only six people voted “No” out of his 175 followers which led him to two conclusions. First, the people who answered no didn’t bother to reach out and ask what’s wrong. Second, a lot of people saw the post and yet, they didn’t bother to vote. You may read Tony’s full post below.

So I conducted a little social experiment.

I made a poll whether I should kill myself or not and the winning vote was a no.

It only received 6 votes out of those 175 followers I had (which is enough for a small social experiment)
Additionally, hints of suicidal behavior here and there.

So, two things:
One, the people who said no, didn’t bother to talk to me or reach out and try to see what was wrong.
Two, and of course there are people who saw the poll and didn’t bother to vote.

My conclusion is that i’m right about my hypothesis/theory that nobody really cares enough until the suicide happens, or simply even just until “enough”.

Essentially, it’s all about the “care”.

People are going to tell you they care about you, but do nothing to prove it. What the hell, right?

Hannah Baker is right.
“Some of you cared. None of you cared enough.”

Yes, this social experiment may not be as intricate as a university research, but it gave us an idea of how people might see and deal with this kind of things.

To whoever is reading this, I hope you reach out to your friends whenever you see hints of depression, anxiety, or any mental health condition, be it on your conversations with them or from their posts on social media.

It wouldn’t hurt to leave a message.

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