READ: This Girl Bravely Shares Her Battle With Scoliosis To Raise Awareness About Her Disease

As someone with scoliosis, it’s really difficult to explain how it is to live with a disease that isn’t exactly known by all. There hasn’t been a lot of awareness about this spinal cord disease, and so one girl bravely shared her experience as she battles against scoliosis.

Patrisha Banawa turns to Facebook to share about her life as someone who’s suffering from scoliosis.

Check out her story below:

scoliosisPhoto from Patrisha Banawa

Year 2014 nagpa x ray ako. Kasi need sa check up ko. Don sa huli ko pinagpa check upan sa St. Lukes. Yung curve daw ng scoliosis ko ay 42 degrees na.

scoliosis storyPhoto from Patrisha Banawa

Payat na ako non, pero di sobrang payat. Kung pwede ko lang ibalik ang mga ganitong panahon ganitong katawan. Eto dito ako stress eh. Pero ganan padin katawan ko. Hayst

 scoliosis story 2Photo from Patrisha Banawa

Ganito na siya ngayon, ganito na ka curve yung likod ko. Di ako nahihiya sa sakit ko. Gusto ko lang maging aware ang lahat sa sakit na scoliosis.

scoliosis story 3Photo from Patrisha Banawa

Eto na din ako ngayon, malaki na ang pinayat ko ang pinanget ko. Pero humaharap padin ako sa tao ng nakangiti at masaya.

Patrisha shares how she was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2013, and her life drastically changed from that point on. She shares how she couldn’t get any fatter even if she ate as much as she could due to her condition. She recalls every moment that she’d feel too much pain because of her curved spine that would press against her internal organs.

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But while she admits that most of the time she’d rather stay in the house where people wouldn’t notice her unnatural back, she says that this didn’t stop her from fighting for what she wants–and she proves this by landing as the first runner up in a beauty pageant!

Patrisha also encourages those who are facing the same circumstance as hers to take it seriously, and to do all the things that could prevent it from getting any worse–from wearing a back brace to avoiding heavy things altogether.

A lot of people were super encouraged with her post and started sharing their own experiences with scoliosis. A little bit of sharing really does go a long way!

You can read her full story here.

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