READ: This Coldplay Fan Deserves To Watch The Concert Than Most of Us

Ken Santiago is like most of us — a medical student, he’s young and loves music, especially the band Coldplay, who’s coming to Manila next week for their first-ever concert in the Philippines.

As millennials had gone crazy on social media over Coldplay’s show in the country, Ken excitedly bought tickets to the concert, naturally, and even bought Platinum tickets just to see his favorite band up close.

Kheil Ken Santiago Coldplay

Photo from Kheil Vin Santiago’s Facebook page

Yet unlike many of us, Ken had suddenly been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer this February, and has since been in the hospital battling the disease. With the concert date looming and platinum tickets in one hand, attending the concert in his condition would be too much of a risk. Knowing just how big of a fan Ken really is, his brother Kheil took to social media in hopes of reaching the band, hoping that they could notice one fan who would be absent from the packed crowd.

You can read his post below:

To whom it may concern,
Since the Coldplay had started, my brother, Ken, has been an avid fan. The moment the Coldplay announced that they will be having concert in the Philippines, Ken was very much excited to buy tickets. He was the one who bravely line up early to buy your tickets. He bought the nearest possible ticket our money can afford.
But just last February this year, he was diagnosed with Cancer Stage 4. It was a very shocking news for everybody coz he was a very normal man, a very generous, kind, loving and most of all a God fearing one. We did not expect this to happen. Everyday in the hospital his hobby is to play music from Coldplay. Some of his favorites are ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ ‘Everglow’
A week ago, he already turned over his Platinum ticket to my younger brother. He does not show he is sad, he said it’s okay. But we can feel that he really wanted to be there. But due to his health condition that we cannot compromise. We, especially him accepted the fact that he can’t be there in the most special concert of Coldplay for him.
I am sending you this open letter to ask a little favor if the band could just say “hi” or a short message for him to make him feel better. We are looking forward to your quick response. His name is Ken Valiant G. Santiago, a medical student in the University of the Philippines-Manila with a stage 4 Cancer.
Thank you so much. May God Bless everyone.
Yours truly,
Kheil Vin G. Santiago
Eldest brother of Ken
~’Cause you’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars… Im gonna give you my heart…’

Here’s hoping Kheil’s little call could reach the management concerned!
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