READ: The 5 Perks of Living Independently

So, you’ve decided you can manage to live without your mom cooking your every meal. Yes, moving into your own place may be rough during the first few months, but here are five perks you can totally enjoy when you are living on your own.

5. You make your own decisions.

You call the shots. Now, you can finally buy that pink closet you’ve always wanted in your room. Paint your table pastel purple, get a cat, or hang Christmas lights all over your unit, you do you.

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4. You can go home anytime you want.

Whenever you hang out with your high school friends whom you haven’t seen for a very long time, you don’t have to feel nervous about going home late anymore. There’s also no need to tiptoe your way to your bedroom.

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3. You learn how to cook… and wash your own plates.

Since mommy or yaya isn’t there to cook for your meals and baon, you start to learn how to put your own twist to the chicken adobo that you managed to learn before moving out of your house. You also learn to do other things like ironing your clothes, cleaning the bathroom, and changing the light bulb among all others.

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2. You learn how to budget your money.

One thing that makes adulting and living on your own difficult is the fact that you have to know how to budget your money. At first glance, this may not seem like a perk, but having the ability to prioritize your spending and manage your day to day spending is an advantage in the long run.


1 . You grow into the person you and your parents will be proud of.

Proving your parents that you can already be independent will not only make you feel proud of yourself, it will also make them feel like they have raised you well because, hey, you couldn’t have gotten this far without your mom’s cooking.


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