READ: Sentiments of one of the occupants in the crushed vehicle in Kennon Road

Yes, they’re all alive and well.

After that terrifying accident along Kennon Road (near Baguio) that happened last weekend, many netizens were left wondering if the occupants of the crushed SUV survived.

Facebook user Malbert Longbuan Gansuen was able to catch the post of one of the occupants of the car, sharing his sentiments about the incident.

The post’s rough translation:

My family was in the second seat. No one was in front, just me. There are some people saying that it was my spouse holding one child of ours in front. I don’t allow them to stay in front even if it was my own child during long trips.

On our speed (90kph), we suddenly stopped and felt that the glass that hit me had some soil, and the roof also hit me. At that time, I initially thought it was a landslide. I was thinking also of my first child because s/he was sitting directly behind me. I was also shouting at my wife (Are you okay?!). When no one answered, I thought I lost everything but thank God he guided me on what. While the rock was slowly pressing the roof down, I removed my seatbelt and tried to move to the passenger’s side and heard my wife saying “It’s locked”, and my two children started crying. When I heard that, it gave me strength to struggle (hold on) more. I unlocked the passenger’s door and tried to open it, but it was stuck (I tried hitting the door until it opened). When I was out, I tried to open the door where my family was, but I could not open it because it was locked. I returned to the front where I exited, I clipped the chair and my wife helped me take the kids out first.

Thank You God for holding the rock a little bit longer for us to walk out alive.

A relative of the one driving the car has also spoken on her son and his family’s tragic accident. She also expressed gratefulness that the family was ‘protected from harm’.

Truly a miracle! We hope the family is safe and sound right now! To everyone else planning to go places via land (especially if mountainous), please be careful especially at this time of the year where typhoons are in full swing and could cause landslides.

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Header photo from Glo Balay-odao Cadap’s Facebook account. 


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