READ: Roxas Supporter Shares The Story Behind Mar’s Viral Photo in Hong Kong

With less than a month to go from the upcoming May elections, people are expected to be more aggressive in campaigning for their respective candidates. We expect to see more memes, viral photos, well-thought out speech, and opinion on social media. However, the downfall is, we cannot please everyone. Others might have a different view as ours, hence, the confusion.

Similarly, this Roxas supporter pointed out to everyone what really happened during the Roxas-Duterte campaign in Hong Kong.

She started her Facebook post with:

Yes, I am also frustrated with the way things are happening around. But I am hopeful and I am positive that things will get better. I believe in the concept of continuity rather than change (in the context of the upcoming national elections), that is why I will vote for Mar Roxas.

She further explained, “I hate to do this but it breaks my heart to see online memes being shared around about his and Cong Leni’s visit yesterday to Hong Kong, specifically that one photo of Sec Mar, sitting in the park near the Star Ferry Terminal.”

Mar Roxas in Hong Kong

Credit to owner of this photo

Obviously, this photo went viral. People shared this photo along with their own views and opinions. Unfortunately, there were people who allegedly shared this and pretended they were actually there. And, that’s why this Roxas supporter took the liberty to explain what really happened.

roxas duterte hong kong

Mina Akram posted this photo on her Facebook page along with the claim that she was actually there. She claimed that she was physically present in Hong Kong. She testified and in bold letters, she wrote: “I WAS THERE. SO I KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.”

She continued by stating that Mar, “sat there because he was waiting for Cong Leni to finish her media interviews. It took about 10-15 minutes so while waiting, he sat in one corner and had random chats with some of our kababayans. I guess he also took the opportunity to rest after a 3-hour forum attended by representatives of different OFW communities in HK.”

Additionally, the Netizen also explained that “in the forum, a lot of OFWs consulted him and Mam Leni about various concerns: OEC fees, debt problems of OFWs, Reintegration Programs for returning workers, incentives and insurances for OFW and a whole lot more. They had an open dialogue and took note of common problems being experienced by Overseas Filipinos not only in HK but all over the world, to be able to work on them not only after being elected (if they win), but as soon as possible.”

After the quick rest, we proceeded to a gathering of supporters which happens to be a few meters away from the Duterte rally (represented by Mocha Girls). Honestly, our gathering is not as big as the one of the Mocha girls but that didn’t stop Sec Mar and Cong Leni. They were welcomed with big smiles, warm hugs and applauses during and after their speeches.

It is UNFAIR to tag the Hong Kong gathering as “nilangaw” and to call Sec Mar as “kawawa”.

We opted to do an OFW forum rather than an entertainment show because we believe that it is the right way to listen and address the OFW concerns. Quality over quantity of activities has always been our rule.

We were civil during the entire gathering and it was the Mocha Girls audience who were rude to go to our area to shout Duterte’s name while our principals are talking to their supporters. But we continued on, we smiled and ended the day hoping that we have successfully accomplished our mission in going there.

Essentially, she ended a used up saying but hardly practiced gesture, Think before you click. Salamat po.”

Like I always say, people respond to what they are prepared to believe in, which is their experience. So, explaining our point to others could be a useless gesture.

What do you think of her explanation? Share your thoughts below.


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