READ: ‘Noli Me Tangere’ As A Millennial Twitter Thread Got Us Shookt!

Twitter threads are honestly amazing.

They are always entertaining to read and definitely not a waste of time. There have been all sorts of different Twitter threads going viral around the interwebs lately–from hilarious jokes to socially relevant topics to shookening stories.

One of the latest stories that shookt the local Twitter universe was one thread that was posted by Twitter user @ClaraDLS_.

It all started with a simple title: “How my life got shooketh: a thread”.

And from then on, it was a major roller coaster ride of emotions.

1 2Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

2 2Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

3 1Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

4Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

5Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

6Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

7Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

8Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

9Tweets by @ClaraDLS_

The ending? Just as shookening as the whole wild story:

#TheShooktBook indeed.

The thread got the attention of many people, of course, getting it more than a thousand likes.

Clara shared with that the main reason the thread started was to direct the attention towards Noli Me Tangere, in commemoration of the Rizal Act this August–the law which made Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo required readings in school.

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“And also because it’s Buwan ng Wika,” she adds. “Noli was originally written in Spanish –and translating it to colloquial is a reminder that Filipino culture and language is alive, vibrant, and worth celebrating.”

Witty and relevant! Putting Noli Me Tangere in such a modern and pop culture perspective will really give the novel all the recognition it deserves.

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